Kids Krav Maga

Introduce Your Child To The Best Krav Maga Training With Next Generation Kids Krav Maga

Our Kids Martial Arts program at Idaho Krav Maga combines all the skills your child needs to succeed, including vital mental, physical, and social tools that will serve them for years to come.

Through the Next Generation Kids Krav Maga classes, we are proud to offer kids of all ages an opportunity to having fun staying active while also learning how to communicate with others and resolves all types of conflicts.

Kids Martial Arts Training Offers A Wide Range Of Instruction

We are proud to offer two Next Generation Kids Krav Maga classes in our Martial Arts program, offering students of all ages the chance to train with their peers and develop long-lasting relationships.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes include:

Kids Krav Maga (Ages 5-12)

Teen Krav Maga (Ages 13-17)

No matter your child’s age or experience level, they can enjoy real fitness training, positive role models and education, and powerful bully prevention skills in our Kids Martial Arts Classes.

Idaho Krav Maga Kids Martial Arts Classes Build Well-Rounded Students

It’s not all about learning self-defense skills and building strength and coordination in our Kids Martial Arts Classes. We also emphasize valuable life skills that will prepare your child for anything life throws their way.

Each class includes a “mat chat” session where we discuss the importance of these life skills and explain to students how they merge with self-defense and staying active.

After just a few classes, your child will become:

  • More respectful and disciplined in everyday life
  • Focused on the details
  • Confident in themselves no matter the situation
  • Proud of their accomplishments and newfound skills

Give Your Child All The Best Tools With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes At Idaho Krav Maga

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to help your child grow. Our Kids Martial Arts classes give students the best blend of physical skills and mental abilities. And we are proud to train students of all experience levels.

To get started today or to learn more about Idaho Krav Maga and our renowned Next Generation Kids Krav Maga, all you have to do is fill out the short form on our homepage today!

“I would like to thank your staff for the impact they’ve had on Audree’s self esteem these last months. The skills that Audree acquired these past months will not only help her, but me as a parent as well, by knowing that she can handle herself if bullied.”
— Jose B., Audree’s father