Kids Krav Maga

Teen Krav (Ages 13-17)

Teen Krav Maga

Next Generation Kids Krav Maga (Ages 5-12)

Next Generation Krav Maga is the premier children’s program for Self Defense, Fitness, and Life Skills for kids ages 6 to 12. Our children’s program gives your child opportunities to excel in physical fitness, safety, and self improvement. We emphasize discipline, focus, and goal-setting. Every class includes a “mat chat” to discuss life skills as well as self defense and fitness skills.

“I would like to thank your staff for the impact they’ve had on Audree’s self esteem these 
last months.  The skills that Audree acquired these past months will not only help her,  but me 
as a parent as well, by knowing that she can handle herself if bullied.”
 — Jose B., Audree’s father

Your children will learn real fitness and have fun doing it! Next Generation Krav Maga will challenge, entertain, and educate your children! Check our schedule for class times.

Next Generation Krav Maga — helping to build the future!