Make A Difference Campaign - November 18

One person can make a big difference. This fall, join Idaho Krav Maga in reading the best selling children's book "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio and by participating in our "Make a Difference" workshop and movie night out. Spoiler alert! This book will make you laugh and fall in love with its heroes.

Why "Wonder"? "Wonder" is a beautiful story of a boy born with a facial difference and follows his 5th grade year in a mainstream school. It explores what it means to look different, endure bullying, find friends, lose friends, and be a champion for your friends. In short, it explores some of the very reasons Idaho Krav Maga exists and stars characters I want to emulate in my own life. I promise you will feel something as you turn the pages to "Wonder"!

Our "Make a Difference" workshop is going to be an open, honest, discussion group for youth and parents alike. Presenters for the workshop include Tracie Ide, Chief Instructor for Idaho Krav Maga, and Christina Walker, MSW. Christina currently serves as a Crisis Counselor and Group Facilitator for victims of trauma or abuse. Together, Tracie and Christina will lead the group in talking through the dynamics of the story and discussing what it means to have healthy relationships with our friends and family and how those relationships help us navigate this crazy world of ours. Following the workshop, participants have the opportunity to join us for a viewing of the motion picture story of "Wonder".

You can find your copy of “Wonder” at all popular booksellers and at the Boise Public Library. Grab a copy and start reading today! Then Sign Up Now to attend the workshop

The workshop and movie will take place at the Majestic Theatre in Meridian on Saturday, November 18th. Exact time and fees to be determined.