Send in the Clowns

What comes to mind when you hear the word clown? Is it Ronald McDonald and his crew of friendly burger eating pals? Or maybe Bozo cheering kids on to toss the ping pong ball in a bucket and win a new bicycle? Circus hijinks and balloon animal crafting face painters at a street fair? Or is it John Wayne Gacy and his thirty plus victims? Maybe King's shape shifting Pennywise? Or killer clowns from outer space? Whichever way clowns make you feel, they have been in the news more recently, and not necessarily in a good way.

It's HOT yet kids still need exercise - Author Greg Silva

Dehydration and Heat Illness

With the hot days of summer come summer sports -- baseball, tennis, football practice -- both in the neighborhood and at camp. Before you send the kids out to practice -- or just for a long day of play in the sun -- learn to protect your child against the dangers of dehydration and heat illness. WebMD turned to Albert C. Hergenroeder, professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and chief of the sports medicine clinic at Texas Children's Hospital, for answers to parents' common questions.

Forgetting my ABCs

Forgetting my ABC's. That's the thing that kept me awake the night before I started kindergarten. I crept out of my downstairs bedroom and climbed up to the top step of the stairwell. There, the light from the upstairs kitchen area peaked under the door and I could read my ABC book. It didn't matter to me that I had been reading for ages and reading far above a kindergarten level. I was anxious. The fear of something new and unknown was keeping my 6-year-old brain buzzing. I was a painfully shy child and the idea of doing poorly on anything or doing the wrong thing was suddenly making me doubt something as small as the ABC song.

Kitchen Sink Quiches

Well, spring has sprung and my gym is in the middle of a wellness spring cleaning event. We are teaming up to support each other in reaching our fitness goals. Last night's dinner was steak and paddlefish on the grill served alongside a large green salad. I needed something for breakfast his morning to compete with that. Oilla! Enter the Kitchen Sink Quiche. Listen carefully. The Kitchen Sink Quiche is NOT a recipe. It is an outline for a mouth watering breakfast dish that will wow the most refined palette and please the pickiest eater. Except 7-year-olds. Nothing pleases those creatures.

Favorite Things To Do

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals to cook for my family. Our days are packed with teaching, school, Krav Maga classes and each of our other sports and activities. We all seem to hit the hustle head on after a good breakfast. This President's Day I woke up early to get my run in and came home to a still sleeping husband and kids. I grabbed a banana and stared into the fridge for breakfast inspiration. Four eggs, some left over deer sausage and a pile of veggies later, this is what I came up with.

Anti-bullying Education

As October winds down, I have stacks of notes and files of photos to go through and recap our Bully Busting campaign at Idaho Krav Maga.  I have enjoyed watching our youth students interact with each other and the instructors in various drills and conversations focused on how to stop bullying.  Each student has experienced bullying either firsthand or through a friend, and they were eager to talk about these experiences.