Kitchen Sink Quiches


Well, spring has sprung and my gym is in the middle of a wellness spring cleaning event. We are teaming up to support each other in reaching our fitness goals. Last night's dinner was steak and paddlefish on the grill served alongside a large green salad. I needed something for breakfast his morning to compete with that. Oilla! Enter the Kitchen Sink Quiche. Listen carefully. The Kitchen Sink Quiche is NOT a recipe. It is an outline for a mouth watering breakfast dish that will wow the most refined palette and please the pickiest eater. Except 7-year-olds. Nothing pleases those creatures.

Outline for a Kitchen Sink Quiche

1. A crust. I used my mandolin slicer and sliced up a giant sweet potato. I dumped carefully arranged the sweet potato slices in a lovely Polish pottery quiche plate, drizzled it with olive oil and baked in a 400 degree preheated oven for 15 minutes. Then I took it out and turned the oven down to 375.

2. A filling. I wanted spinach and sausage in my quiche but I didn't have any. So I grabbed all the things in my fridge and picked through them. After discarding the questionable items like red peppers that had green spots and sweet bread and butter pickles, I kept 4 pieces of bacon and some veggies. I cooked up the bacon and crumbled it. In the bacon grease, I cooked up an onion and a bunch of mushrooms. When they were soft I added a couple handfuls of kale and set it off the heat to wilt the kale and cool a bit. Then I cracked about 6 six eggs and whisked them up with a splash of milk, salt and pepper. Then I dumped the veggie mix into the eggs and poured it in my sweet potato crust. I gave it good look and decided I wanted some cheese in this quiche. After scrounging in the fridge I found some goat cheese and crumbled that on top of my quiche. It looked so good I was tempted to stick my finger in it right then and there, but common sense won out and I baked that sucker for 25 minutes. It was delicious!

Aside from the goat cheese and splash of milk, this recipe is a great example of paleo cooking. And since dairy doesn't bother me, I keep it in my diet. You could just leave out those two ingredients.

This recipe is gluten free. No substitutions necessary.

Vegans, this recipe contains eggs, dairy and bacon. This might be a good time for you to start enjoying those foods:)

Substitution for bacon: There is no substitution for bacon! If you don't eat bacon you are likely sad and angry all the time. Eat bacon!

Good luck with your Kitchen Sink Quiches!